Fuel Surcharge Rate

May 2022 – The basis of the fuel surcharge is the Department of Energy price index for Central Atlantic U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices and can be found at www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel. The fuel surcharge will be indexed monthly from a base of $3.50/gal. On the first Monday of each month, the average of the previous week’s fuel cost will be used to calculate the current month’s fuel surcharge. For every $0.15 in fuel increase over the $3.50 base U.S. Concrete New York will charge a surcharge of $5.00 per load. This fuel surcharge index will be updated and posted on our company website with the current fuel surcharge rate for the current month and will be highlighted as shown on the chart below.

DOE Fuel Index/GallonSurcharge per load - 2022

We at U.S. Concrete New York appreciate your business and understand that high fuel costs affect your business in many negative ways. We have avoided passing these increased costs onto you, our customer, but at these new record highs, we are unable to absorb these costs any longer. We appreciate your understanding of this matter and stand ready to assist you on your project in any way we can.